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The Photography workshop held with 30 participants at two different locations reflecting minimal and maximal details and coordinates, and allowing participants to experience becoming the players as well as the audience while shooting.

White Box ; First Location of the Workshop with Minimal Space Coordinates

In order to minimize the sense of details and coordinates, the Photography Club students of Yıldız Technical University created a White Box by covering the basketball court of the university with white fabric, to where they have entered wearing all black.

During the shootings the participants of the workshop and Photographer Zsar Chankian, the leader of the workshop, were dressed head_to_toe in black, with the aim of turning into such organisms with total isolation from the outside world, and to detach from the sense of time, location and individualism in order to experience communication and interaction in an environment where the conditions were equal for all.

The shootings in the White Box were divided into two stages. During the first stage, the participants have taken photos over the specified period without any verbal communication while music was played in the background. Whilst during the second phase of the shootings, participants were required to direct the others.

City ; Second Location of the Workshop with Maximal Space Coordinates

The participants opted for Beyoğlu as the second location, which is one of the most crowded places in the city that holds maximal coordinates. And this time during the photo shoots, the sounds of the city have replaced the background music in the White Box.

Some of the highlights from the Workshop
It took 3 days of work to convert the basketball court into a White Box.
600 meters of white fabric was used for the White Box.
The 1500 plastic connection agents, the black outfits for Zsar Chankian and the participants were bought from Mahmutpaşa.
Photo shoots were completed in 30 hours over 5 days.
During the photo shoots, countless songs and instrumental music were listened to.